There is still a wage gap between men and women. That in and of itself is enough to address. Upon further research, a wage gap exists when broken down by ethnic background of women. Educating people of all ages became the driving issue when creating material: flyer handouts, a lesson plan for elementary school kids, a temporary pop-up cafe concept, and installation idea. 

Temporary pop-up cafe mock up (360 View)
The pricing of the coffee reflects the wage gap: $1 for men, 80¢ for women. The portability of the shipping container allows for the cafe
& its messaging to travel around to different cities and states. The posters give information on the wage gap. The designs throughout the
pop-up come from poster designs and the mix of furniture is rolling with the idea of diversity and representation across the board of all kinds. 

Spreads for an elementary school lesson plan. The thinking is to start education young about injustices and to stress the
importance of equality for both young girls and boys.