These trailers are intended to be played in movie theaters during the trailers/coming attractions. They would be an extension from the posters being on display outside and around the movie theater, as well as those displayed throughout the streets of
Los Angeles.



With the intention of rebranding the LADWP, research led to a discovery of studies that predict that we could run out of our supply of drinkable water by the year 2050 if our current daily habits with water persist. This sparked a campaign design for the LADWP that eventually evolved into centering around the idea of creating a sense of horror into LA customers to make them rethink their water usage. The campaign would consist of posters, a trailer played before feature films at movie theaters, an interactive installation concept, an incentive program where customers who limited their water usage to a certain amount would be given access to a music festival, and LADWP packets that aimed to promote more ways to cut back on water usage. 

ORIGINAL CONCEPT and identity development