IMG_1916 copy.jpg

The mesh panels work as merchandise display for the shoes.


Melrose Avenue location mockup


The alternating acrylic in the model's facade allows for light to bleed into the store and allows the effect seen by customer's to vary depending on the time of day that they visit.



Camper shoes has remained grounded in their past of heritage and tradition, while still maintaining a unique, fashion forward brand that always has an eye on the future. Thinking about the future that Camper shoes will no doubt be a part of, I started to think about all of the things that can happen in one’s future while owning & wearing a pair of Camper shoes. This futuristic thinking led to this design concept for their potential sub-brand: Spectrum.


The inspiration for the look of the store came from a visual called the moire effect as well as lenticular graphics to utilize visuals that have multiple possibilities of what you see depending on where you look at it from. The facade took inspiration from lenticular graphics that show one image from one perspective and another from a different vantage point. This along with the moire effect tied into the desire for designs that have a range of looks and compositions as well as having multiple uses.


A prism placed in a cutout of the ceiling allows for additional lighting effects in the store.